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My Son’s Brain in School

A neuropsychologist said of my oldest son: “His brain is not organized the way the world wants it to be, so he has problems functioning. But he doesn’t have behavior problems. His brain doesn’t do those.”
My youngest son also has a brain that doesn’t fit the world he lives in,

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ATN: Why and How to Get Connected

How much do you know about ATN? As a new member of the Attachment and Trauma Network Board of Directors, I have discovered some amazing things. I knew some of this from joining ATN two years ago and speaking at the first two Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Conferences.

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ATN Wants You . . . To Share Your Story

The Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN) seeks bloggers for the “Our Voices” section of our website, a.k.a. the ATN blog. Not sure if your story fits? Read on to learn more.


ATN was originally founded by parents, for other parents. We all have stories to tell,

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Giving Ourselves a Break

Confession time–I have to take a break (gasp!)

I cannot do it all.

There. I’ve said it. I’ve admitted the impossible.

Now that I’ve done that, let’s see what else I can say.

I am not superwoman.

Turns out I have flaws.

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Giving Ourselves and Others a Break

Time to take a break.

Friendly neighborhood blog manager here. Life is doing that thing right now where it dumps a heap of overwhelm. Yet I want to preserve what’s left of my sanity. And I want to continue the string of (hopefully!) helpful posts on the ATN blog. Therefore I am taking a couple weeks off to get my ducks back in a row.

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BRAVE: What I Chose to Tell

When I talk about BRAVE: A Personal Story of Healing Childhood Trauma, I sense assumptions from the outset. They are understandable  – after all, the title says it’s about childhood trauma, right? Yet at the same time, I want to laugh and say, “Could you just read the book before you make up your mind?” This might seem slightly paranoid… but I once received a list of interview questions written by someone who clearly hadn’t read BRAVE.

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When The Political Becomes Personal

Last week was just plain emotionally exhausting! As the mom of a child who experienced severe early childhood trauma, a mom who has spent the last two decades immersed in the study of what these early traumas (abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, separation from your parent) do to the developing brains of infants and toddlers,

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Coming Soon to the ATN Blog…

So last week I got all clever talking about “Trauma Tuesday,” only to have this Tuesday be, well, traumatic! Have no fear, though. The blog will be back this weekend with a new post from ATN‘s very own Julie Beem, writing about scar tissue and what our brains believe.

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Facing the mess as me

–by Laura Dennis, originally published on the author’s own blog, Les Pensées du chat noir

[This is not the ATN post of the week, but rather an explanation of why it isn’t (yet) here. And after last week’s post on caregiver stress, I thought this could maybe be of help to some.

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Welcome back!

–Laura Dennis, blog manager

Welcome back! These are exciting times at ATN! We apologize for the temporary absence of the blog. We have missed you, and hope you feel the same. Thankfully, we are back online and ready and raring to go! This week we are blessed to have Craig Peterson share a great piece on FASD,

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