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Trauma-Informed Programs For Educators

ATN’s Trauma-Sensitive Schools Initiative is devoted to creating and supporting on-going school-wide trauma-informed reform.  Our experienced educators and experts in childhood adversities seek to inform and support educators at all levels in developing trauma-informed school systems.  ATN’s TSS Program includes :

  • Our annual Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference, the largest trauma-informed schools conference in the world.
  • Our TSS Task Force that strategies ways to further support and educate to those implementing trauma-informed work in their schools, early learning centers, after-school programs and other child-centered programs.
  • Our Trauma-Sensitive Schools Think Tank – a Facebook group where trauma-informed ideas are exchanged.
  • ATN’s Resource Directory where professionals who provide trauma-informed resources to schools and educators can be found.
  • The Trauma-Informed PD Collaborative of seasoned experts in trauma-informed education who can help schools and districts through direct Professional Development Training.

Are you seeking trauma-informed Professional Development Training or Consultations for your School?

ATN’s Trauma-Informed PD Collaborative is a group of organizations and individual consultants who are ATN members and embody what it means to be trauma-informed.  Members of our PD Collaborative regularly provide PD training and consultant to school districts across the US and in some cases around the world. 

If you’re current seeking Professional Development Training in any of these areas, members of the PD Collaborative could help:

  • Understanding the effects of early childhood trauma and other adversities on neurobiological development.
  • Learning how early trauma impacts learning and behavior.
  • Implementing instructional strategies that help to heal the neurobiological impact of early childhood trauma.
  • Supporting students and staff in trauma-informed ways during Covid-19 and the transition back to in-person learning.
  • Implementing trauma-responsive, culturally-relevant equitable instruction.
  • Implementing classroom strategies that develop resiliency and improve learning outcomes for ALL children.
  • Establishing systemic trauma-informed, resilience-building care for the adults working with children with the school and district.
  • Developing trauma-informed, school-wide approaches to policy and discipline.

Please fill out the PD Collaborative Leads Form found on this page.  Your request will be seen by all Collaborative members and those who are able to respond will be in touch.  You may hear from multiple members of our Collaborative, so you will be able to choose the consultant who best fits your organization’s need.

Looking to attend a trauma-sensitive schools conference?

join educators from all over the world for our annual trauma-informed schools conference.

Recognize ACEs  •  Realize the Impact  •  Build Resilience  •  Avoid Retraumatization

Trauma-Sensitive Schools are ones where the educators:

Creating a Trauma-Sensitive School is about creating a culture that prioritizes safety, trust, choice, and collaboration. Within a trauma-sensitive school, everyone (e.g., teachers, administrators, support staff, paraprofessionals, cafeteria staff, bus drivers, etc.) learns about the prevalence and impact of trauma in the lives of children and families. This awareness motivates and guides the examination and transformation of the school environment, policy/practice, educational strategies, staff training, and family involvement, etc. to ensure that children impacted by trauma can learn and be successful. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 2015)

Trauma-Sensitive Schools are created via schoolwide trauma-informed practices aimed at helping children feel safebe connected, get regulated and learn. (Alexander, 2016)

Learn more about our 2014 Educating Traumatized Children Summit– 23 audio recordings from experts in the field of Trauma-Sensitive Schools.

Learn more about our 2017 Educating Traumatized Children Summit– 18 audio recordings from experts in the field of Trauma-Sensitive Schools.

What's a Trauma-Informed School?

Looking for Professional Development?

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