Pre-Con 2022 CTSS Conference

Pre-Con 2022 CTSS Conference

PRE-CON at the 2022 CTSS Conference

Creating TSS 2022 Pre-Conference Workshops are an opportunity to explore specific trauma-informed concepts and strategies on a deeper level and discover how to apply them in your school or organization. 

  • Attending a CTSS2022 Pre-Con Workshop is only $85. 
  • You will have to specify which session you choose. 
  • Sessions are 3 hours in length and scheduled for Sunday morning, Feb 20, 2022 at the Hilton Americas in Houston, TX.
  • These are live, in-person sessions.  They will not be recorded or available virtually.
  • Pre-Con is a separate (additional) charge from the 2022 CTSS Conference registration.
  • Space is limited. 
  • CEUs are available.

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Sessions Available

Building a Trauma-Informed Restorative School – Joe Brummer (Limit:  35 attendees)

Join Restorative Practices Trainer and Author, Joe Brummer for this deep dive into the theory, practice, and implementation of trauma-informed restorative practices into your school.  This session will be limited in attendance to give each participant direct experiential practice in restorative skills as well as strategies for implementing this practice in your educational setting.

Trauma-Informed IEPs and FBAs – Dr. Melissa Sadin (Limit: 145)

Join Dr. Melissa Sadin, author, consultant, seasoned educator and trauma-informed expert as she dives into trauma-informing special education procedures – specifically IEPs and FBAs.  This session will be a practicum on how to integrate trauma-informed principles into your program in a way that recognizes what students with trauma histories need and how to specify things in IEPs that will meet those needs and support student success.  Come with your challenging questions!

Light Up the Learning Brain: Strategies for Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences  – Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH (Limit: 150)

This lively session will take a fresh look at the root of “bad behavior” – in students AND staff – and the brain processes involved. Participants will discover new tools based on the latest neuroscience to increase learning opportunities, reduce negative behavior, and improve school culture. Whether you’re a brain novice or well-versed in research about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the brain, you won’t want to miss this hope-filled learning experience.