Joel Ristuccia: Impact of Trauma on a Child’s Ability to Learn

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Joel Ristuccia: Impact of Trauma on a Child’s Ability to Learn

Early childhood trauma/adverse childhood experience is a widespread problem, with lasting impact for the traumatized child, their community and, ultimately, society. But school can be a place where traumatized children can find safety, consistency and be successful. This starts by understanding how trauma impacts brain development and a child’s ability to learn. Then teachers and school communities can develop a plan for integrating trauma-sensitive routines and supports throughout the school day. Mr. Ristuccia explains how trauma impacts learning and why a whole school approach to becoming trauma sensitive is the most successful strategy for providing the safety, consistency and relational environment for all students to learn emotionally and socially.




The digital MP3 recordings and PDF Transcripts of the 2017 Educating Traumatized Children Summit.

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