Chris Bye/Roberta Scherf: MeMoves: Using Movement to Help Children Regulate

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Chris Bye/Roberta Scherf: MeMoves: Using Movement to Help Children Regulate

At its core, MeMoves is a tool for self-regulation that helps everyone’s nervous system (regardless of age or ability) to become calm and alert.  MeMoves operationalizes Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, which is one of the most celebrated new developments in neurobiology today.   Dr. Porges is a behavioral neuroscientist whose work provides a new understanding of the way that the nervous system controls behavior through safety and affiliation.  Our behavior is controlled by our physiology, which can sabotage our ability to relate to other people and to our environment.  Once we understand that, we can work to change our nervous system’s response so that we can change behavior.   The Polyvagal Theory posits the necessity of “safe, appropriate social engagement” as the primary mechanism for neurological recovery and behavior modification.   MeMoves’ techniques perfectly align with the social engagement elements identified by Porges.  MeMoves is now used in more than 2500 school districts in both mainstream/ neurotypical and specialized classrooms.  Its use provides immediate and profound benefits for children with ASD, EBD, ADD, and especially for those previously unreachable with PTSD and other trauma-related scars.




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