Christine Moers: Homeschooling a Child with Attachment Trauma

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Christine Moers: Homeschooling a Child with Attachment Trauma

Children with difficult pasts frequently spend their days in a hypervigilant state due to early-life changes in brain functioning and chemistry. Additionally, they can possess a significantly impaired inner view of themselves and the world around them. All this can make it difficult for a child of trauma to learn and grow in a traditional classroom setting. Moreover, many of these children have still not reached a state of trust and attachment with their parent or caregiver, and need more time – not less – with these key individuals if they are to heal. For these reasons, and more, homeschooling can provide the answer parents and caregivers need to educational piece of their child’s life puzzle.




The digital MP3 recordings and PDF Transcripts of the 2017 Educating Traumatized Children Summit.

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