Barb Trader: Reducing Restraints & Seclusions with Trauma Sensitive Practices

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Barb Trader: Reducing Restraints & Seclusions with Trauma Sensitive Practices

On our way to creating trauma-informed schools we need to address the use of restraints, seclusion or aversive interventions that are commonplace in some systems. Barb Trader, the Executive Director of TASH, an organization that advocates for the inclusion and human rights of those with significant disabilities, speaks to us today about the dangers of using restraint and seclusion in schools and what we should be working toward as interventions and alternatives to these practices. Topics we will discuss the harm of aversive interventions (punishments) to vulnerable children, trauma-informed practices for educators, and how Positive Behavioral Supports can be used as a framework to reduce traumatizing practices.




The digital MP3 recordings and PDF Transcripts of the 2017 Educating Traumatized Children Summit.

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