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There are so many ways to get involved with ATN’s all-volunteer, parent-led movement to heal traumatized hearts:

AdvocateATN’s network of advocates are working on the state and national level across the US to bring awareness to the impact of childhood trauma and importance of healthy attachment.

Volunteer: Give your time and talents and work with a passionate team of volunteers to support families and show you care.

JoinATN members are the best! Join as an individual/parent or as a professional who serves traumatized children. In addition to showing your support, membership gives you access to information and networking with others who are parenting/service traumatized children.



ATN advocates for policies, legislation, increased awareness and system change that:

  • Provide/increase trauma-informed, attachment-focused resources and supports for traumatized children and those with attachment disorders.
  • Support families (adoptive, foster, step and bio), their rights, their safety, and their importance in healing the hearts of traumatized children.
  • Align with ATN’s beliefs and mission.

ATN’s advocacy efforts include raising awareness in communities and nationally about the needs of traumatized children for therapeutic interventions and therapeutic parenting, as well as providing input into legislation that impacts traumatized children and their families.  This frequently includes policies in mental health, child welfare, education and adoption/foster care.

Everyone can be involved.  ATN maintains an active Facebook group — ATN Advocates — where members and interested advocates share ideas, news, and other information. While ATN Advocates is open to all, we encourage you to support ATN through an active membership and/or direct donations, which are how our programs are funded.


ATN is powered by VOLUNTEERS — very passionate, and very busy volunteers. All volunteers should be current ATN members and should have a computer with internet access, as all work is done virtually. ATN volunteers are an AWESOME (and fun) bunch, and we’re very flexible — so the work can be done when you’re available.

Here are the areas where we actively need help (June 2019):

Support Group Volunteers: ATNs membership is growing rapidly!  We need help supporting our growing membership of parents who need to know that they’re NOT ALONE in this therapeutic parenting journey and teachers who want to discuss specific strategies/practical ideas and ways of surviving/thriving as their schools become trauma-informed.  Contact Stephanie Garde to learn more.

Social Media/PR Volunteers.  Can you Tweet?  Are you all about Instagram?  Always checking your Linked In account?  Help ATN get the word out through these social media platforms.  Do you have a background in PR or just like to write – we can use that skill too. It’s easy, and can be done on your own schedule.

Resources Database Volunteers. We’re so thankful that the resources (therapists, services, books, websites) to help traumatized children and their families continue to increase. We are currently planning and seeking funding for an updated resource database that would increase the number/scope and information about the resources we can offer to those looking to help traumatized children.  We’re going to need researchers and those who can call and verify information.  If you like to search the web and talk to people…volunteering in this area can fit anyone’s schedule!  Contact Julie Beem.

Bloggers.  Are you a blogger who writes about therapeutic parenting, trauma-informed education or what it’s like to live with attachment and trauma challenges? Our Voices (ATN’s blog) has writers who are parents, teachers, survivors, clinicians, adoption professionals and more. We’d love to talk with you about blogging regularly or being a guest blogger.  Our blog averages over 2,000 views per post. Contact Laura Dennis to discuss.

Conference Volunteers. Every February we need more people to help with conference registration and as workshop monitors (those are the two main jobs).  But we also have need for volunteers to help us in the self-care area, book selling table, extra events, and more.  It’s a great way to get to attend the conference and to help make the conference a huge success.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these areas. Also, if you don’t hear from us right away, keep at it. There is a reason we need to help (we’re very busy) so don’t hesitate to contact us again. We can’t wait to have you working with us!




Join the oldest national organization that promotes the healing of children impacted by trauma through their families, schools and communities!  We provide support, education, awareness and advocacy for children impacted by trauma.

There are three ways to sign up or renew your ATN Membership:

  1. Online with credit card: Visit our store. Referred for a free membership? Click here.
  2. By Mail: Print the form out that works for you: Individual Sustaining Membership, Professional/Professional Organization Membership, School Membership and mail along with check/money order to: Attachment & Trauma Network, P.O. Box 79181, North Dartmouth, MA 02747 (The completed form may also be faxed or emailed.)
  3. By Phone: Call 1-888-656-9806 and leave a detailed message including your name, phone number and email address.

Free Basic Membership 

This FREE annual membership is only for PARENTS/CAREGIVERS currently raising a child with trauma/attachment issues OR TEACHERS currently creating a trauma-informed classroom. Click here to learn more.

Your free membership includes:

  • Electronic Subscription to ATN’s Connections Journal (three times per year)
  • Online access to 24/7/365 peer support. (Support groups for parents offered on both email/Facebook platforms; for teachers only on Facebook.)
  • Access to online archives library, including 10+ years of our newsletters and other member-only benefits.
  • Access to experienced parent mentors.
  • Access to members-only chats/webinars.
  • Discounts on trainings and products.

All free membership registrations must go through this form.

Membership Levels

Professional Membership

Professional Membership – Individual – $100

This level is for individual therapists, social workers, psychologists, adoption professionals, or others working with traumatized children and their families. This membership level includes recognition of your professional services so families can access you as a resource. Click to purchase.

Your $100 Annual Membership includes:

  • Ability to refer any and all your clients’ parents to join ATN for FREE!
  • Access to Members-Only area of website.
  • Discounts on trainings and products.
  • Premium Listing on our new Resource Directory- under construction, expected Fall 2020
  • Potential opportunity to be featured in an “Ask a Pro” Podcast series.
  • Certificate for display at your practice.
  • Discount on registration to ATN’s Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools annual conference.

Professional Membership – Organization – $250

This level is for trauma-informed & attachment-focused therapy practices with multiple clinicians, adoption agencies, residential programs, and other child welfare and children’s mental health organizations. Through this membership level five(5) individuals of your organization can directly participate as members. Click to purchase.

Your $250 Annual Membership includes:

  • Full Member Benefits for up to 5 designated professionals/leaders in your practice.
  • You can refer any and all your clients’ parents to join ATN for FREE! (Basic Membership)
  • Premium Listing on our new Resource Directory- under construction, expected Fall 2020
  • Access to Members-Only area of website.
  • Discounts on trainings and products.
  • Potential opportunity to be featured in an “Ask a Pro” Podcast series
  • Certificate for display at your practice.
  • Discount on registration to ATN’s Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools annual conference (up to 3, in-person only).

Professional Membership

ATN Resources


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Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools- Empowering Trauma-Focused Educators and Schools

TSS Conference

Annual Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference.

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Coming soon an online directory of trauma-informed professionals.

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