Trauma-Informed Certification - Level 1

Trauma-Informed Certification Coming Soon!

ATN’s new Trauma-Informed Certification Program will be launching in mid-2024! Watch Here for Updates

Now’s a great time to plan on a Trauma-Informed Certification from ATN this summer!  ATN’s Certification Program is created for ANYONE who wants  to better understand how trauma impacts children and what we can do to help build safety and resilience — and to show your understanding of trauma-informed care and how it applies to the ways you work with and care for children.

Attendees of the 2024 Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference will receive a 50% discount off this certification this summer!  

There will eventually be three levels of certification corresponding with Trauma-Informed, Trauma-Sensitive & Trauma-Responsive.  Level 1:  Trauma-Informed Care, will be launching by summer 2024.  The entire Level 1 program will be on-line (curriculum and testing) with certification badges and documents to share your new credentials.  Watch for introductory pricing this spring!

Keep an eye on our website and our social media for more information about this exciting program.  Check out the definitions below.





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