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#TSS 2021–Thank You!

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Thank you for the conference…

This Mom can’t say thank you enough for the Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference in February 2021. What a great experience to join with others who are passionate about finding answers, having hard conversations, and learning heavy things. There is nothing worse than traveling a tough, unexpected road silently and alone. Thanks to the scholarship provided by ATN, I found a tribe of people working just as hard as I am. Others are figuring all this out too, just as I have been tasked to do for the children I have the privilege of parenting.

…and for the community

I have spent years learning to understand the needs of my children, needs that result from pre-birth brain injury. Meanwhile, I continue to work on wrapping my head around the huge part that trauma plays as well. In many ways, brain injury and trauma intertwine. The conference made it clear that there are many parts involved in parenting my kids as I am learning to do. I feel SO thankful to find a knowledgeable, well-prepared, engaging, and inviting group of speakers and facilitators with whom to share this journey. I thrive on hope. Understanding my child better has reinforced that hope, as have newly opened pathways. I can’t wait to share what I have learned with others who may also feel isolated and hopeless. Thank you again to all the presenters, coffee chat leaders, facilitators, and those behind the scenes for putting together this event. 


Blog manager’s note

Thank you to Tammy Herbert for these wonderful words. We hope she will blog with us again soon! If you missed the 2021 #TSS conference, it’s not too late. Head to the ATN website to purchase an After-Pass and watch the recordings any time between now and May 22, 2021. Also, save the date now for our 2022 conference, virtually and (hopefully!) in person in Houston, TX, February 20-22, 2022.



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