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ATN Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference

Calling all trauma-informed educators and community leaders interested in presenting at the 4th annual Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference, currently scheduled for February 14-16, 2021 in Atlanta, GA.  This conference hosts over 1700 teachers, counselors, administrators, parents and child advocates from across the United States – the largest gathering of trauma-informed educators in the world!

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Trauma-Sensitive Learning Goes Online

by Dr. Ryan T. Woods for Respectful Ways
When learning went online

When the threat of COVID-19 arrived, schools responded quickly. Administrators hustled, principals made announcements, and teachers developed lesson plans. In a matter of days, students were learning from home.

As any instructor knows, academic content represents just one facet of education.

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Akin, Trauma, and Mindfulness in School

A Mindfulness room gone wrong

About a month ago, I read Emma Donoghue’s novel, Akin, the story of an unlikely duo, both touched by childhood trauma: an 11-year-old boy named Michael and his great-uncle, Noah. Michael’s father–Noah’s nephew–died of an overdose, while his mother is imprisoned for a drug-related offense.

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My Son’s Brain in School

A neuropsychologist said of my oldest son: “His brain is not organized the way the world wants it to be, so he has problems functioning. But he doesn’t have behavior problems. His brain doesn’t do those.”
My youngest son also has a brain that doesn’t fit the world he lives in,

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Child Trafficking: How Teachers Can Help

Child trafficking: from victim to advocate

In 2019, I found myself in front of an auditorium full of school staff members from 70 Colorado school districts, speaking at a training on how to identify child trafficking. Several years earlier, my therapist had told me, “One day, you will be addressing the systems that failed you.

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Boys in School

A word about gender

Before I talk about boys in school, let me start by acknowledging that gender is complicated. We learn more every day about its many complexities and intricacies. We know, for example, that gender exists on a continuum. Even if we oversimplify and separate people into “boys” and “girls” and the qualities associated with each,

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AAA Students–A Paradigm Shift

Don’t you mean an A student?

Nope. My child is not an A student. My child is an AAA student: Amygdala Always in Action. If you are a parent reading this, I bet you have an AAA child too. And if you happen to be a teacher, you almost certainly have AAA students in your classroom.

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Trauma-Informed Educators: Julie’s Reading List

As teachers and students head back to school, a flurry of inquiries has come into ATN about the “best” materials to help our schools create more trauma-informed educators. The Trauma-Sensitive School movement is still young, so in previous years I had a hard time answering that question,

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Protected: 2019 Back to School Webinar

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

CTSS2019: A Packed House!

ATN’s Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference 2019 exceeded
expectations in so many ways The program grew from just over 500 attendees last
year to over 1200 educators this year from every state in the US and several
countries around the world.  Over 70
workshops were full (sometimes too full) and conference-goers could take
advantage of 11 Deep Dive sessions (3-hour workshops that looked deeper into a

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