Team R&R

At ATN we know that R&R (regulated & relational) are at the core of creating and maintain a trauma-informed (and trauma-responsive) environment.  It’s an on-going process.  So each of us needs help and companions on this journey.  That’s what Team R&R is.  

Team R&R is a community for educators and those working in child-serving organizations who are on the trauma-informed, resilience-building journey.  Team R&R is for you – focusing on what YOU need to keep going and growing: Support, Community, Encouragement, Inspiration and New Ideas.  

Team R&R will include: book studies, online discussion groups, monthly webinars and more.

Enrollment is open NOW through June 24 for only $15/month.  Join now! Founding enrollees will  always have this same low price as the Team grows.

Learn more here.

The first book discussion, Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and Language of Human Experience by Brene Brown, Ph.D. MSW, is happing now through June 27 each Monday night@ 7 pm eastern.  We’re having GREAT conversations!  Come connect with other educators on this trauma-informed journey.

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