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Calm Kits in the Community Project

Attendees at the 5th Annual Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference have the opportunity to give to other educators and classrooms in the Houston area AND create a calm kit for themselves at our “Calm Kits in the Community” Project on Sunday, February 20, 2022.

The project is free to all attending the in-person conference. Participants will volunteer in a 30-minute window to assemble two calm kits, while learning about how the tools in each kit can be used for skill-building around self-regulation and how educators can encourage their use. Teachers receiving these boxes for their classrooms will have access to recorded videos of this instruction.

“There’s a great deal of excitement around this service project,” comments Julie Beem, ATN’s Executive Director. “The educators who attend our conference want to spread trauma-informed practices and this is a great way to give to the Houston community. Plus attendees get to take a kit back to their own schools and share the tools there as well.”

Attendees have the option of registering for a time slot for the Community Project when they register. If you’ve registered for the conference and would like to sign up for the Community Project:

The Calm Kits in the Community Project would not be possible without the generous support from these Community Project Partners and Sponsors:


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