May We Suggest For…1st Time Attendees #TSS2024ATN

There’s So Much to Choose From at the 2024 Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference.  If this is your 1st TSS Conference…here are some workshops we suggest: Academy Day: AD1A – Light Up the Learning Brain, Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH AD2C – Reframing Behavior: Understanding the Neuroscience of Positive Support, Susan Driscoll & Guy Stephens In-Person Conference: 2F […]

TSS2023 was the BEST Trauma-Informed Educators Conference Yet!

Over 1400 educators from all across the United States and at least 4 other countries participated in this conference, now in its 6th year. In Houston, the conference began with an interactive session led by Chazz Lewis (what’s his name? Mr. Chazz!)  Monday’s general session was led by Dr. Lori Desautels and Tuesday’s general session […]