There's So Much to Choose From at the 2024 Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference.  If this is your 1st TSS are some workshops we suggest:

Academy Day:

  • AD1A – Light Up the Learning Brain, Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH
  • AD2C – Reframing Behavior: Understanding the Neuroscience of Positive Support, Susan Driscoll & Guy Stephens
In-Person Conference:
  • 2F – Practical Brain-Based Strategies for Regulation, Kathy VanHorn, M.Ed.
  • 3F – Fostering FUN in the Classroom with Mind/Body Teaching, Jennifer Lacy, MA, HWC, ACE-GFI
  • 4 (Main Stage) – Hopeful Education, Melissa Sadin , Ed.D.
  • 5 (Main Stage) – When the Butt Goes Numb, the Brain Goes Dumb : The Power of Focused Attention Practices and Brain Intervals, Dustin Springer, Ed.D
  • 6A – Regulating their Being; Creating a Relational Regulation Space for Students and Staff, Meagan Baldwin, M.Ed.
  • 7C – Cultural Responsiveness: Creating Systems of Safety and Belonging for All, Angelina Zara, M.Ed. & Robert Beltz, MA