TSS2023 was the BEST Trauma-Informed Educators Conference Yet!

Largest Gathering of Trauma-Informed Educators

Building Resilience & Improving Children's Outcomes

Over 1400 educators from all across the United States and at least 4 other countries participated in this conference, now in its 6th year.

In Houston, the conference began with an interactive session led by Chazz Lewis (what’s his name? Mr. Chazz!)  Monday’s general session was led by Dr. Lori Desautels and Tuesday’s general session was Principals in Action,  featuring an amazing panel of current principals leading trauma-informed changes in their schools, and moderated by Dr. Melissa Sadin.

Other highlights of our time in Houston included:

  • Over 200 participants in our Academy Day, which included deep-dive sessions on a variety of topics and a Poverty Simulation provided by ESSDACK.
  • Experts and perennial favorites on our Main Stage including Jim Sporleder, Mathew Portell & Lara Kain, James Moffett and Doris & Rick Bowman.
  • Over 30 sponsors and exhibitors
  • Josh Galicic honored as the Star Volunteer for his 15 years of service to ATN and invaluable technology support during our virtual conferences!
  • Special events: Bingo Night, Speaker’s Reception, Bal-a-Vis-X demonstration and a closing Drumming Circle
Dr. Lori Desautels imparting neuroscience wisdom
Mainstage Guests included Mr. Chazz, Jim Sporleder & Luke Graner

In the Virtual Portion of the Conference, Dr. Fania Davis opened the program on Thursday and LaVonna Roth inspired us all to Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E. on Friday.

Highlights of the Virtual Conference included:

  • R&R Moments where attendees could take a needed moment of reflection and also learn a new self-care/wellness tool to use with others.
  • An interactive evening of Taming Our Own Triggers with Mr. Chazz.
  • A fun “Let’s Play” opportunity for those feeling competitive and visiting our exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Opportunity to watch the recordings of these sessions and those on the Main Stage in Houston for next 90 days.
Plan now for TSS2024 – February 18-20, 2024 in Dallas, TX with Virtual Conference to follow.  
Longtime ATNers reconnected at the Speakers' Reception
Our Board Members are so fun & creative!

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