Words of Wisdom for Mother’s Day

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We have a lot of new members, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d share some highlights from the collective wisdom of the ATN blogging team about what for many of us is a roller coaster day. To read each post in full, click on the author’s name. Complicated feelings Mother’s […]

On Losing a Mother…and a Mother Culture

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I saw them the moment we entered the restaurant. The dad was suited up, ready for Mother’s Day at our favorite Indian buffet. The little girl, her black hair chopped in the “orphanage bob,” sat safely strapped into a high chair. The mom wore a salwar kameez, blond hair hanging loosely about her pale neck. […]

Five Nuggets of Emotional Wisdom for Mothers of Children with Trauma

Five Nuggets of Emotional Wisdom for Mothers of Children with Trauma

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world when things go smoothly. When you have a child who suffers symptoms of trauma, the hardest job becomes exponentially harder. At my worst moments, when I despaired and felt like I could not go on, I was grateful for the education in emotions that I […]

Opting Out of Mother’s Day?

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I’m here to give you my blessing…yes, you CAN opt out of Mother’s Day! It is your day after all…so technically by the rules of our society (as enforced by Hallmark) you’re allowed to do whatever you want. Well…unless “whatever you want” triggers the heck out of your children with relational trauma. And there’s the […]

Mother’s Day. Beautiful and Complicated.

Mother's Day. Beautiful and Complicated.

–by Neeva Carter The moment I heard my children’s names, my world stood still. I was at work, standing in an empty room on the phone, listening to our social worker run through the highlights of their story. She was reluctant to tell me anything, having only agreed because the children’s social worker had begged, […]

Giving Up Mother’s Day

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There is a movement in recent years to do away with celebrating Mother’s Day. It’s a fair argument that Mother’s Day has become too commercialized. It’s also important to consider how Mother’s Day is achingly painful for so many of us: Those who have lost children. Those who have lost mothers. Those who have suffered abuse, […]

Mother of the Year (Sort of…)

–by Anna Gosman And  the “Mother of the Year” award goes to me…AGAIN. This is what I usually say to myself after I’ve lost my temper, forgotten to pack someone’s lunch, left someone at school (yes, that can happen…), the list goes on and on. It seems like every day I fail as a mother, […]

The Many Faces of Mother’s Day

–by Lorraine Fuller Mother’s Day is so many things to so many people. I was blessed to have one or two Hallmark-worthy experiences. Breakfast in bed of soggy cereal and burnt toast (pro tip: a dog is very useful in these situations!), handmade gifts and cards. I cherish those memories and warm, fuzzy feelings from […]

It’s Just Like Mother’s Day

Julie Beem

–by Julie Beem There’s a phrase my daughter spits out in anger and rage. One that does not contain obscenities or obvious threats, but still strikes fear in my heart. The phrase is, “It’s Just Like Mother’s Day!”  She usually says this through gritted teeth in almost a growl-like tone with her face contorted. Even those […]

Dear Mom of an Adopted Child

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From the blog manager: this guest post comes partly because, well, it’s just that good, and also comes in honor of next Sunday, a.k.a. Mother’s Day, a day that for many of us is loaded with meaning and memories both good and bad. Infinite thanks to Kathy Lynn Harris, blogger and author of two novels and three children’s books, for giving us permission to re-post here. You can read more about and by Kathy at http://www.kathylynnharris.com