Ross Greene: Re-Thinking Students’ Behavior – A Seismic Shift

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Ross Greene: Re-Thinking Students’ Behavior – A Seismic Shift

Dr. Greene knows that children do better when they can. “All challenging behavior is a  sign of lagging skills,” he explains. When we start viewing challenging behaviors as  communication from children that they can’t meet expectations and need help gaining  those skills, we move toward a more compassionate, trauma-informed way of relating to  our students. Join us as Dr. Greene walks us through this “seismic shift” that must  occur for us to be able to reach the children that everyday struggle in our classrooms  across the country. It is through making this seismic shift that Dr. Greene’s  Collaborative & Proactive Solution framework (CPS) has been been able to make  significant changes in schools, children’s mental health care, residential treatment  programs and juvenile justice.




The digital MP3 recordings and PDF Transcripts of the 2017 Educating Traumatized Children Summit.

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