Lark Eshleman: Curriculum and the Traumatized Child

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Lark Eshleman: Curriculum and the Traumatized Child

As we impart knowledge to children, we as parents and educators use a variety of curriculum including: literature, text books, online sources, videos, assignments and activities. Unfortunately, sometimes this curriculum can trigger strong emotions and behavior in children with trauma issues.

How can we educate our children without triggering or adding to their trauma and still meet core curriculum standards? What needs to be considered when selecting reading assignments for traumatized children? How can difficult topics be presented and taught while still minimizing the potential traumatic impact? These are things for educators, administrators and parents to think through.

Let’s listen to what Lark Eshleman, Ph.D., LCSW has to share with us on this fundamental and essential component of a child’s education. Lark is a former educator, school library, administrator, and school psychologist and she shares how to be trauma sensitive when selecting curriculum.



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