Melissa Sadin: The Core of Creating Trauma – Sensitive Schools

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Melissa Sadin: The Core of Creating Trauma – Sensitive Schools

“The key to being trauma-informed is making the shift from what’s wrong with you, to what happened to you.” Follow Melissa Sadin, the director of ATN’s Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Program through her transformation from behavior modification  expert to trauma-focused educator. In this interview she explains how her son and his  developmental trauma helped in her transformation as a special education teacher and  school principal. She will challenge educators to take a look at what they’re doing that  they’ve always done and ask “is it really working?” Melissa details ATN’s Creating  Trauma-Sensitive Schools program and how it can be tailored to help districts, schools  and individual teachers at all levels of the journey in becoming trauma-informed. 




The digital MP3 recordings and PDF Transcripts of the 2017 Educating Traumatized Children Summit.

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