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ATN Announces New PD Collaborative

The Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN) is pleased to launch our Professional Development Collaborative (PD Collaborative), a highly talented group of trauma-informed educational experts available to provide PD training, consultation and support to school districts and organizations embarking on becoming trauma-informed.

These professionals embody expertise in all facets of trauma-informed care and systems implementation including:

  • Trauma-informed practices, policies and leadership
  • Brain-based strategies and interventions
  • Restorative practices
  • Equity and cultural competency
  • Teacher/staff care and mental wellness

“With many schools reaching out to ATN requesting training, it just made sense that we’d work with so many of the experts we know who are doing Professional Development training and ongoing consultation that is helping to create trauma-sensitive schools,” says Julie Beem, ATN’s Executive Director.  “We’re thrilled to be able to connect schools and other organizations with the best in this field!

How to access the PD Collaborative?  Go to this webpage and fill out the form at the bottom.  Your request will be shared with the Collaborative Members, and you will then hear from one or more of them about how they could work with your program.

Once you’ve hired a PD Collaborative member, ATN will reach out periodically to get your feedback on their services, to make sure that the PD Collaborative remains a premier place to access trauma-informed experts.

The current PD Collaborative Members are:

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