2019 Touching Trauma at Its Heart Awards

Each year, ATN honors some of the best in trauma-informed care and awareness with our Touching Trauma at Its Heart Awards.  The awards are given in three categories:  School Award, Parent Award and Educator Award.

Dr. Mona Johnson accepts the Educator Award from Dr. Melissa Sadin

This year’s Educator Award went to Dr. Mona Johnson who oversees the behavioral health of all students at all the public schools in Washington State.  She’s the co-author of the seminal book – The Heart of Teaching and Learning and a staunch advocate for a strong teacher-care program.  Dr. Johnson has worked tirelessly on behalf of students who have exposure to early childhood trauma, advocating for the creation of many trauma-sensitive schools across the state of Washington .

Cissy White was presented with the Parent Award by ATN’s Julie Beem

This year’s Parent Award went to trauma survivor and trauma-informed mom, Christine “Cissy” White of Massachusetts.  Cissy is using her early beginnings to lead the charge for parents who have been impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) themselves to become therapeutic and trauma-informed caregivers to their children.  In addition to serving as the ACEs Connections Northeast Community Facilitator, she needs the Parenting with ACEs group and speaks and writes extensively about PTSD and healing.  Cissy is the founder of Heal Write Now, where she bravely and passionately supports other trauma survivors with her message.

The Middleton Elementary Trauma Task Force is pictured here with ATN Board Member Ralph Rothacker

This year’s School Award went to Middleton Elementary School in Middleton, NH.  This school, led by Principal Kathleen (Kat) Crosby and the schools Trauma Task Force has taken full advantage of the fact that they’ve been able to build a new school from the ground up.  Working in partnership with the community from the start to make this school a place where all children feel safe and are connected is allowing children to stay regulated and learn to their highest potential.

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