There’s So Much to Choose From at the 2024 Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference.  Here are some workshops School Leaders might find enlightening:

  • Session 1E – A step by step plan for moving your school or entire division to becoming a Trauma-Informed School or Division, Darlene Keener, M.Ed. –
  • Session 2 (Main Stage) – Everyone Starts Somewhere, So Why Not Start Now?, Jodi Place, MA & Tracie Chauvin, LCSW.
  • Session 3 (Main Stage) – The Trauma-Informed Teacher Interview, – James Moffett, M.Ed. OR 3A Implementing Support Systems to Reduce School Discipline & Increase Student Resilience, Cheri McKinney, M.Ed., Ed.D.
  • Session 4B- Principal Stories: What I Learned Leading A Specialized School for Students with Behavioural and Social Emotional Challenges, Stephen Jez, M.Ed.
  • Session 5A – An Ecosystem Community Integrated Approach to Trauma-Informed Schools, Lara Kain, MPA & Mathew Portell, M.Ed.
  • Session 6B – Moving Equity to the Center of Trauma-Informed Schools, Gloria Sanchez, MSW & Melissa Breaden, MSW, LCSW 
  • Session 7 (Main Stage) – Breaking the Cycle of Defiance and Disrespect, Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH