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Failing Forward

-by Meredith Poynter
A Rough Ride

I learned early that this journey to heal childhood trauma is a bit of a rollercoaster ride. How do we participate in that ride and yet remain resilient? I love my child with all my heart, but know if I don’t have the right mental tools,

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Giving Ourselves a Break

Confession time–I have to take a break (gasp!)

I cannot do it all.

There. I’ve said it. I’ve admitted the impossible.

Now that I’ve done that, let’s see what else I can say.

I am not superwoman.

Turns out I have flaws.

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The Greatest Christmas Gift

A few years ago, my parents flew out from Wisconsin to visit for Christmas. Because they only make it out to California to see us twice a year, and we make it to Wisconsin to visit them even less, it was a pretty big deal.

Holidays were hard

When we adopted our daughter through foster care eight years ago,

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What Therapists Want Parents to Know

–by Susan M. Ward, LPC

In April, ATN blogger Lorraine Fuller wrote a powerful post about what she would like therapists to know. I, like many ATN readers, knew exactly what she meant. Not all therapists are equipped to handle the complex needs of families struggling with attachment disorders and trauma.

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When Children with Mental Health Issues Are Violent

–by Sara Borgstede [originally published on the author’s own blog, The Holy Mess, on March 1, 2018.]

Manager’s note: while many children who suffer from mental health issues never become violent, the tragic reality is, some do. A huge hug of gratitude for Sara for her courage in sharing one such story.

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A Christmas Gift for You

–by Laura Dennis [NOTE: this post references this author’s faith as an aspect of her own experience. It is not meant in any way to proselytize, nor does it represent the beliefs of everyone at ATN.]



I was crying.

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15 Gifts that Promote Attachment and Bonding

–by Sara Borgstede (originally posted on the author’s blog, The Holy Mess, on November 14, 2017)

Have you recently given birth to a baby or brought a new family member into your home through foster care or adoption? Maybe you are a relative or friend looking for Christmas gifts for a new little one in your life. I’m thrilled to bring you this guide to gifts that promote attachment and bonding.

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The Hardest Thing

–by Laura Dennis
It’s not the lying. It’s not the cursing. It’s not the stealing. It’s not even the violence and aggression.
It’s the shame.
That’s what I hate most about Reactive Attachment Disorder.
Let’s start with my shame. I didn’t want to be ashamed that my child had problems,

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Confession Time

–by Lorraine Fuller

Time to confess some things. When I first started this journey of parenting a child with trauma, attachment, and other issues, I read everything I could get my hands on. I joined groups, attended classes, and went on retreats. I was determined to do everything right to help my son heal.

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Back to School

–by Lorraine Fuller
Back-to-school time involves mixed feelings for so many of us trauma moms. We might look forward to the respite it provides. I am a stay-at-home mom and while I love my kids, I enjoy the much-needed break at the end of a long summer.

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