The Borderline in My Daughter’s Personality – Part 2

This post is the second entry in a three-part blog.  The third part will run tomorrow.  The first part ran yesterday; you can read it here. by:  Julie Beem “Borderline feels like I’m going to lose my mind You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline…” Madonna As I read further into this […]

The Borderline in My Daughter’s Personality – Part 1

Today’s post is the first in a series of three blogs about Julie’s daughter and borderline personality disorder.  Parts 2 and 3 will run Thursday and Friday. by:  Julie Beem “Borderline feels like I’m going to lose my mind You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline…”  Madonna We’ve been at this whole […]

Lessons Learned: Letting Down My Guard TOO Soon

December 12, 2015 by:  Craig Peterson Everyone at the elementary school was ready for my two newest sons. The principal had the facts. She “got” it. After several lengthy meetings, the teachers also understood and prepared for a smooth mid-year transition. Most likely, they felt sorry. Who wouldn’t after reading the one-page summary I provided? […]

What ATN Means to Me

December 2, 2014 by:  Julie Beem A long time ago in what feels like a galaxy far away, I was a sleep-deprived mom of a raging toddler whose behaviors made absolutely no sense. I was an experienced “good enough” mom — so what was I doing wrong? My introduction to ATN came via a group […]

A Meaning Behind the Suffering

November 13, 2014 By:  Marc Deprey It is always hard to find meaning when under a stream of unrelenting suffering. The tragedy of early trauma, the resulting pain, and the stress, the strong feeling that some great potential is being lost—all this characterizes the experience of a parent of children of trauma. I certainly feel […]

Orange is the New Black

by: Melissa Sadin

Orange is the New BlackEvery few years, the fashion industry announces a new color that for a time becomes as popular as black. The first time I heard this phrase it was red. Red was the new black. I bought some red and am now more comfortable wearing red than I used to be. The most recent new black was orange. I’m still getting used to it, but I am becoming more comfortable wearing orange.

Trauma is the new black in childhood developmental disorders. Those of us who have been “wearing” trauma are already comfortable with it. We understand the strengths and limitations. We are, however, waiting for it to catch on. There are still many who don’t quite know what to do with it.


By: Deborah Novo

It has been fifteen years that I have been “in the trenches” with two sons with Reactive Attachment Disorder. I have had so many moments feeling inspired and motivated to be an awesome therapeutic parent only to be plunged into the mindset of ” I can’t take it anymore.”

Lessons Learned — Less Chores, More Backgammon

by: Craig Peterson

My oldest son hated chores. Even the mention of the word set him off!

IMG_1235[1]No wonder. Before being adopted, he was regularly told to not only watch his five younger siblings but also clean the family apartment.

Although he tried – and he did try — his step-father was never pleased with his effort and used the opportunity to beat him before taking his anger out on my son’s mother.

Lessons Learned – Understand Attachment Even Before the Placement Begins

By: Craig Peterson

Two Little BoysAlex and Travis are biological siblings. In 2001, they needed a home. One was nine and the other ten.

I wanted to help. I felt called.

Since I had done well with my first four children – all diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, I thought these two would be easier to parent. Both were high functioning and personable.

Larry Smith: Does the Child in My Classroom have RAD?

October 3, 2014 by:  Lorraine Schneider This interview was presented as part of ATN’s Educating Traumatized Children Summit (Day 4). Larry Smith, LCSW-C:  Does the Child in My Classroom have RAD?  I believe that Larry Smith hit the nail on the head during his interview. If you are parenting, teaching or working with traumatized children, you […]