Movies that Matter Series

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Join ATN as we commemorate Children’s Mental Health Month (May) and PTSD Month (June) with some Trauma-Informed Movies that Matter. We’ll be hosting 3 films and Q&A sessions.  You can […]

The Re-Set Process

It began at TSS In February 2021, I had the honor of moderating Dyane Carrere’s session, “A New Way to Respond to Challenging Behavior: The Re-Set Process” at ATN’s virtual […]

Child Abuse, Coronavirus, and Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month Every May, advocacy organizations such as Mental Health America come together to raise awareness around needs related to mental health. These needs have increased during the […]

What to Say to Someone Depressed or Suicidal

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According to the CDC, at least 3 in 20 students in a typical high school classroom have seriously considered taking their lives in the past year. With teen depression and suicidal […]

5 Enlightened Ways to Think About Mental Health

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Mental health problems should be thought of no differently than physical health problems. In fact, they are related: mental health problems affect physical health and physical health problems affect mental health.

Maybe It Isn’t Depression?

–by Laura Dennis Therapist and author Hilary Jacobs Hendel has blogged for ATN several times this past year, including popular posts such as “Head, Heart, Repeat” and “What Mad Men […]

The Unfinished Quilt Top: Unraveling Threads

–by Carl Young Manager’s note: You can read more about Carl’s journey with his son at  It’s a heart-breaking journey and an absolute must-read. Unfinished quilt tops. Loose fabric, pieced […]