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Rehoming: Who’s to Blame?

The story

By now you may have read the headlines such as “YouTuber Myka Stauffer Reveals Adoption Dissolution 2 Years After Welcoming Son Home from China.” You may have even viewed the original adoptive parents’ tearful YouTube video about the “rehoming” of their son,

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Giving Ourselves a Break

Confession time–I have to take a break (gasp!)

I cannot do it all.

There. I’ve said it. I’ve admitted the impossible.

Now that I’ve done that, let’s see what else I can say.

I am not superwoman.

Turns out I have flaws.

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New Year, New Who? 5 Trauma-Informed Resolutions

Winter break always gets me to thinking, and this time it has me pondering the implications of raising a child diagnosed with RAD. I don’t know if all the things I have done to help my child will bear long-term fruit for him, but I am increasingly aware of just how much they have done for me.

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What Works & What Doesn’t

Let’s start with what DOESN’T WORK…and why:

Traditional Psychotherapies — i.e. talk therapies, don’t work with children with an Attachment Disorder or those with early childhood, (especially pre-verbal) trauma.  Two reasons.  First,traumatized children are not helped by talk therapy because of their inability to access (talk about) their actual trauma memories and the specific events and triggers.

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Signs of Attachment

There are countless lists and checklists available from a variety of sources, many of which are linked at the bottom of this page. Generally speaking…

Children who are considered “at risk” for Attachment Disorder:

  • Children who have been abandoned
  • Children who have been abused (physical,

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