Bundle 8 – Trauma Sensitive Schools

Resources for Families, Educators and Communities.

empowering trauma-sensitive reform

Bundle 8 – Trauma Sensitive Schools

This bundle contains 1 webinar, 5 audio summits and 4 journal entries.  There is a quiz at the end to test your learning.

Introduction with Temeka Parker

Advocating at School: Trauma Informed Strategies Webinar with Julie Beem and Ginger Healy

Why Trauma Sensitive Schools Audio Summit with Jen Alexander

The Core of Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Audio Summit  with Melissa Sadin

Trauma Informed Schools: Specific Classroom Strategies Audio Summit with Susan Craig

The Lucid Witness: Increasing Awareness of Childhood trauma in the classroom Audio Summit with Daun Kauffman

The importance of Teacher Care Audio Summit with Mona Johnson 

If not a Sticker Chart, Then What? Journal Article 

What Exactly is a Trauma Sensitive Sensitive School Journal Article 

Trauma Sensitive Schools: A Principal’s Thoughts Journal Article

Trauma Mama Homework Drama Journal Article