Trauma Sensitive Schools

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This bundle gives several practical strategies and techniques to implement if you are a teacher or a caregiver supporting your child’s teachers.

This bundle has a webinar with Julie Beem and Ginger Healy discussing how to advocate for your child in school, which is followed by five audio summits by Dr. Melissa Sadin, Dr. Susan Craig, Dr. Mona Johnson, Jen Alexander, and Daun Kaufman.

You will also find two journal articles that explore alternatives to sticker charts and what defines a trauma sensitive school.

We love discussions about why rewards and punishments don’t work and the critical importance of training the entire school staff – from the bus drivers to the lunchroom attendants to the cleaning crew – everyone that meets the child.

Trauma Sensitive Schools is truly a passion project of ATN because we believe that it benefits every student in the building, whether they have been directly impacted by adverse childhood experiences or not.