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Welcome to the Trauma Informed Parenting 101 bundle. 

There are four webinars in this bundle starting with the Executive Director of ATN, Julie Beem, explaining what trauma does to children’s brains. The next webinar is Stephanie Garde discussing the ATN Foundational Basics of Trauma Informed Parenting. You then get to hear from a roundtable of Julie, Stephanie, Tiffany Junker, and ATN’s Board of Directors President, Lorraine Schneider, explaining fundamentals of caretaking of a child with trauma.  Finally, you will listen to Sarah Naish on her views of trauma sensitive parenting.

There are also two fantastic journal articles that delve into executive functioning and advice for caretakers who need guidance after the developmental trauma diagnosis.

That’s a mouthful, and even better, a brainful, of valuable information that we can’t wait for you to have.