Looking for ways to prioritize wellness and community care in your school?  Check out these workshops:

Academy Day:

  • I’m a Teacher, Not a Therapist! Decreasing Overwhelm and Empowering Educators in Their Appropriate Role Serving Students with Trauma Impacts, Doris Bowman, M.S., ACTRP-E®/ACTRP-C® & Rick Bowman, M.A., CTRP-C®
  • 1F – Moving from Self-Care to We-Care: Implementing an Effective Organizational Care Model in School Settings, Jessica Davies, MS, CAGS and Amanda Deeter, LPC-
  • 2A – How Does Your Past Impact Your Classroom? Stacy Nation, LCSW
  • 3E – The Cost of Caring, Katie Perez
  • 4A – Love Your Job Longer! Keys to Educator Resilience, Amy McDonald, MA
  • 6E – The Kids Are Not Okay. (And neither are the adults), Kathleen Hilchey, BAH, B.Ed, M.Ed, Q.Med OR 6F – Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Trauma-Informed Care and Teachers’ Secondary Traumatic Stress, Shaleen Clay, Ph.D.