NATA Day 2015 – We Need Your Help!

Attach-Infographics-1024x655We NEED your help.

Every year, millions of children suffer from early childhood trauma and develop Attachment Trauma, also known as complex trauma. ATN and many other organizations involved with traumatized children and their families have designated June 19th as National Attachment Trauma Awareness Day. And this June, we are asking YOU – and EVERYONE who believes in helping hurt children heal – to stand up for traumatized children and help us educate the world about this silent epidemic.

What is Attachment Trauma? The Infographic shown here helps explain — you can see it more easily on the website.

And what can you do? You can:

– Host or attend a viewing party of one of four award-winning films depicting attachment challenges – ATN and the NATA Day partners are underwriting the cost! You can host a party at your home or church or school – just invite friends and neighbors to learn more about the impact of early childhood trauma.

– Advocate for traumatized children by reaching out to the media – it takes only a few minutes to write a letter to the editor or reach out to your pastor, your teacher or your congressman. Let’s educate leaders together!

– Wear a blue ribbon to show your support for traumatized children and their families, and ask your friends and families to wear blue ribbons too!

– Use social media to spread the word! Like the NATA Day Facebook page and SHARE our posts and use twitter to make the media and the public pay attention.

And if you have another idea, let us know and together we can make magic happen!

Whether you have only a few minutes or a few weeks of time available between now and June 19, your help will make an ENORMOUS difference in NATA Day’s success!

Join us!


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