Meet Lorraine

Meet Lorraine

Responsible for much of the behind-the-scenes administration of ATN, Lorraine is an experienced administrator, bookkeeper and business manager.

“Trying to parent my daughter, I thought I was going crazy and posted basically that on another adoption support forum. Thankfully, someone there recommended that I turn to ATN.” This is how Lorraine Schneider, ATN’s Board President, describes how she found ATN. “Joining ATN’s Little Zebra’s online support group, I found others just like me and felt at home at last.”

It wasn’t long after Lorraine found ATN via the internet that she and hubby, Chris, found their way to an ATN conference. They learned a lot, had a very good time, and enjoyed some much-needed respite. It was then that Lorraine began volunteering her many support and business talents to ATN.

Lorraine is mom to three, two sons and their youngest, a daughter, adopted from foster care, who struggles with severe attachment and trauma issues.  Email Lorraine

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