There's something for everyone at the 7th annual Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference. Here are some workshops that Special Education Professionals may find important:

Academy Day:

  • AD1A – Light Up the Learning Brain, Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH
  • AD2B – Neuroscience-Aligned Evaluation of Student Behavior: Nurturing Neurodiversity and Trauma-Informed Insights, Connie Persike, S., CCC/SLP

In-Person Conference:

  • 1B – Working Memory is a Superpower: Supporting Your Students’ Executive Function, Jennifer Dickey, M.Ed. & Jen Alexander, A., NCC, SB-RPT
  • 2E – Unlearning Ableism for Educators, McKinley McPheeters. M.Ed.
  • 3A – Implementing Support Systems to Reduce School Discipline & Increase Student Resilience, Cheri McKinney, M.Ed., Ed.D.
  • 4 (Main Stage) – Hopeful Education, Melissa Sadin, Ed.D.
  • 5F – Improving Juvenile Justice Outcomes with Trauma-Informed and Restorative Practices Training in Schools, Renee Hernandez, LPC, LMFT, NCC
  • 6A – Regulating their Being; Creating a Relational Regulation Space for Students and Staff, Meagan Baldwin, M.Ed.
  • 7E – The Coherence Advantage: Emotional, Cognitive, Mental & Physical Health Impacts of HR-V Coherence, and Benefits for Staff & Student Self-Regulation, Rick Bowman, A., CTRP-C® & Doris Bowman, M.S., ACTRP-E®/ACTRP-C® –