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Supporting Parents Remotely Since 1995

Julie Beem, ATN’s Executive Director was the featured non-profit leader of Episode 9 of Your NonProfit Life. Listen in to hear how ATN has survived, evolved, and ultimately thrived these past 25 years, and why Julie takes this “work of the heart” so seriously.

My guest’s life changed completely when she and her husband, already parents, fell in love with a sweet little girl who was living her worst life at an orphanage in China. They soon learned that unconditional love and proven parenting practices were not enough for their newly adopted daughter.

In desperation, they reached out via telephone to a relatively new organization run by a former veterinarian who knew how to help them understand attachment disorder and how to adapt their parenting towards healing the trauma.

Julie Beem began her relationship with the Attachment & Trauma Network as a parent in need of support and advice. It wasn’t long until she began volunteering, and eventually she was hired as the first Executive Director, following the founder and helping to guide the organization into new territory with an annual conference for teachers! Not only that, but they just landed a huge grant to help them expand their online services.

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