ATN’s Official Policy on Treatment: ATN encourages all members to seek professional attachment & trauma therapy for their children. Information on this website or support from other ATN members cannot replace trauma-sensitive, attachment-focused therapy. We do not endorse specific therapists or treatment modalities. All parents should thoroughly research their options and ask for references.

In keeping with this policy, ATN recommends that parents do the following when seeking for and selecting an attachment/trauma therapist:

  1. educate yourself on various modalities and treatment approaches, to determine which ones you believe will best meet your child’s and your family’s specific needs, and which ones you feel comfortable with.
  2. always interview the therapist in person or over the phone. Many attachment and trauma therapists, knowing that they will need to work closely with the child AND parents, invite them to an initial screening appointment at little or no cost. ATN provides this document, Questions to Consider When Selecting an Attachment or Trauma Therapist, to help you with ideas during the interview.
  3. ask others for recommendations. One of the best way to find good therapeutic resources in your area is to ask other local families. So contacting your adoption agencies and local support groups is a great idea. Or log on to ATN’s online support groups and ask.

For our list of Professional Members and a listing of therapists by state, click here.