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ATN EventsDid spring break leave you feeling worn out?  Fill up your therapeutic parenting tank with one (or more) of these trainings and seminars coming up.   I hope you can take advantage of one or more!

Austin, Texas — April 17 Empower, Embrace, Emerge
Central Texas Attachment & Trauma Center (CTATC)  describes its second annual conference as a “Nourishing Conference for Parents and Caregivers”
For more information, visit

St. Louis, MO – April 18 Beyond Consequences Live
Hosted by Beyond Consequences
Speaker: Heather Forbes, LCSW
For information, visit

Chicago, IL Area – April 24-26 Parenting in SPACE – ATN will be there!
Therapeutic Parenting Training
Hosted by House Calls Consulting
Speakers include Billy Kaplan, Christine Moers and ATN’s Ed Director Anna Paravano
For more information, visit

Denver, CO – May 2 Beyond Consequences Live
Hosted by Beyond Consequences
Speaker: Heather Forbes, LCSW
For more information, visit



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