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COVID-19: Embrace the Gift

Blog manager’s note: Before you get all up in arms wondering what kind of gift the novel coronavirus could possibly be, read on. This is the second of what will be a series of posts by ATN‘s wonderful staff and volunteers concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to present a variety of perspectives with the goal of helping our readers feel supported and less alone. Last week we had long-time blogger Carol’s well-received post, “Making a Difference in a Time of Dis-Ease.” This week’s post comes to us from ATN board member Ralph Rothacker. If you have thoughts of your own you want to share, feel free to send them our way. We want your voices to be heard.

How many times have you thought, “Stop the world, I want to get off”?  We’ve all been so busy that we just wished, “If I only had the time….”  Well, we’ve finally been given the gift of time.  No work, no school, no malls….just us.  Weird, right?  But what a gift.

As we witness our financial investments plunge, we are, however,  positioned to raise our stock in our relationships with our children; something exponentially more value than any monetary gain Wall Street can offer.

Cherish this time with your children.  It is more valuable than anyone can imagine.  Don’t complicate it.  Talk to them.  Better yet, listen to them.  Ask questions, and follow up with more questions.  Ask their opinions without placing judgement. Laugh together.  Have fun together.

We may never have this opportunity again, and what you do with this time can change your children’s lives forever.  Our children may not remember all the details about the COVID-19 Pandemic, but they WILL remember how they felt during this time.  It’s up to the adults to shape their memories.  Take the time to make their memories positive.


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