Respectful Ways Trauma-Informed SEL Program Vetted by ATN

ATN is excited to announce

strategic alliances with our trusted partners.

Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning Program.

The Attachment & Trauma Network has partnered with Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program. Trained ATN staff members updated and approved all 350 written lesson plans and digital materials to be trauma-informed! Respectful Ways offers educator-led modules, and separate student digital modules for children to use at home from any device, including cell phones.
Research shows that almost 50% of American school children have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which can negatively affect a child’s personal, social, and academic development. With COVID-19, self-quarantine and school closures, more students will be coming back to school in greater need of trauma-informed SEL.
Respectful Ways addresses specific behavior issues by tailoring custom SEL programming to the needs of the school or camp based on their survey results.  They also offer custom-designed Professional Learning for educators and counselors on how best to blend trauma-informed learning with SEL.  We’re glad to partner with Respectful Ways because of their dedication to the health and wellness of students, staff and caregivers.

Check out to learn more about their student, parent, and educator programming!