by Sandi Lerman [original version published by the author, who is also a parent coach and educator, on Adoption Roots and Wings on March 12, 2018] “It is my hope that our story on trauma-informed care will not only be …

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–by Julie Beem I knew it. As the news poured in on that Wednesday afternoon about the shooting at the Broward County high school, my heart sank, not only for the unspeakable trauma of all involved and the loss of …

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–by Lorraine Fuller This is one of the hardest blogs I have ever written, harder even than the one about failure. You see, I have been asked my thoughts about the latest school shooting. Like many people, my thoughts and …

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My kids have been blessed with many amazing teachers. I have many friends and family in education. They put in many hours and pursue continuing education to become better. Most deal with students from a wide variety of backgrounds with varying abilities, skills, weaknesses, and experiences. It is difficult to learn about every special need, disability, trigger, culture or background that might impact the students you work with. I totally get that. I, like many of my friends, have a kid who has suffered early trauma, and I try to let my kid’s educators know. Here are a few things about popular school activities that, as a parent of one of these very special kids, I would like for you to know.

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–by Janyne McConnaughey, PhD “It’s just me.” That’s what I used to think about my behavior, including when I myself was a student. Then I began to learn. My growing understanding of the effects of trauma on children and how …

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Staring at the analog clock in my therapist’s office, I wondered which hand was the big hand and struggled with my need not to go over my time.

“I can’t read the clock,” I said. It was awkward because I was 62, but I really wasn’t.

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By: Jen Alexander, MA, NCC, RPT It’s back to school time for all of us. It can be overwhelming to think about what to tell this year’s teachers about our children. What’s too much? What’s too little? The answers, of …

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December 12, 2015 by:  Craig Peterson Everyone at the elementary school was ready for my two newest sons. The principal had the facts. She “got” it. After several lengthy meetings, the teachers also understood and prepared for a smooth mid-year …

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October 15, 2014 by:  Gari Lister Christine Moers:  Homeschooling a Child with Attachment Trauma As part of ATN‘s Educating Traumatized Children Summit, Christine Moers, a parent of both adopted and biological children and a parent coach, spoke about the benefits of …

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