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Once Upon a Mountain

once-upon-a-mountainBy:  Julie Beem

Once Upon a Mountain is a great title for this documentary, which is so full of the ethereal beauty of Jasper Mountain.  Heck, the children even get to live in a castle.  The dormitory building was designed to look like a castle,

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The Spectrum of Films Available for NATA Day

NATADay Films Raise Awareness

In case you haven’t heard, one of the most popular ways to get involved in the National Attachment Trauma Awareness (NATA) Day is to host or attend a Viewing Party.  The NATA Day partners have made four films available for hosts to show, completely free of charge,

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NATA Day 2015 – We Need Your Help!

Attach-Infographics-1024x655We NEED your help.

Every year, millions of children suffer from early childhood trauma and develop Attachment Trauma, also known as complex trauma. ATN and many other organizations involved with traumatized children and their families have designated June 19th as National Attachment Trauma Awareness Day.

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