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Our TSS Team works with YOU to Provide the Professional Development and Training Opportunities Your Educators Need

Every child is unique with his or her own individual needs.  At ATN we understand that like each child, each classroom, each school and each school district is unique and has specific needs.  Our TSS Team is ready to work with you to develop a training program that meets your unique needs.  We can provide a one-hour overview of the impact of trauma on children and one- and two-full day professional development trainings.  We can assist in the strategy and implementation of a school-wide trauma-sensitive plan through our train-the-trainer model.  We also offer ongoing consultation.

Our goal is to provide what you need to create a Trauma-Sensitive School  program while recognizing that becoming trauma-sensitive is a process more than a destination. 

Looking for Professional Development?

Our TSS Team works with YOU to Provide the Training Your Educators Need

One-Day Training Objectives

Participants will:

  • Be aware of the different types of childhood trauma and their prevalence.
  • Realize the impact of trauma on a child’s neurobiology and the influence of this atypical neurobiological development on learning and social/emotional growth.
  • Recognize learning challenges and behaviors that are a result of trauma, and develop plans for addressing them in a trauma-sensitive way through mindfulness practices, resiliency development and executive function support.
  • Understand how trauma-informed care fits into the Universal Design for Learning.
  • Develop strategies to avoid re-traumatization.

Consultation and Strategic Planning

Participants will:

  • Create a goal statement that reflects your vision for trauma-sensitive education.
  • Identify programs and curriculum currently in place that support children with trauma exposure.
  • Develop action plans for trauma-informed care in all three tiers of response.
  • Identify assessments and data collection processes currently in place that can be used to measure progress.
  • If necessary, develop assessments to measure progress.


In this mode, ATN consultants work with an identified cohort of school or district representatives.  The cohort members will learn to realize, recognize and respond to childhood trauma while creating programs that help teachers and staff avoid re-traumatization.  In addition, the corhort members will learn to develop goals and action plans, assess their progress and train others in trauma-informed care.

Professional Development Training Opportunities

Meet your trainers


Dr. Melissa Sadin

Dr. Melissa Sadin

Program Director

Melissa is a life-long educator with expertise in leadership, administration and special education, as well as serving as a school board member.  An author and nationally-known consultant, Melissa’s doctoral degree was focused on developmental trauma disorder and schools.

Jan Bozowski

Jan Bozowski

M.Ed., MA

Jan, a Professional Development Expert with three decades of public school experience include teaching physical education at the middle and elementary levels, an elementary principal and the director of district-wide professional development.  Jan is passionate about the importance of teacher self-care.

Ralph Rothacker

Ralph Rothacker


Ralph, a School Leadership Expert with over 25 years of administrative experience and 14 years as a teacher.  He is currently the principal of a residential program for at-risk adolescent girls and an ATN board member.  Ralph is devoted to maximizing students’ potential through TSS

Ilene Pawlak

Ilene Pawlak

TSS Trainer

Ilene is an Early Education Expert, who recently retired kindergarten teacher with 33 years of experience in early education.  She’s experienced in implementing many trauma-sensitive and SEL practices and programs, such as Brain Gym, MindUP, and Responsive Classrooms.  Her passion to build relationships with and resilience in children is contagious.

What attendees of our workshops are saying:

Need Training?

Trauma-Sensitive Schools (TSS) Professional Development is now offered by ATN. Trauma-informed school professionals and therapeutic parents at ATN can provide training and consultation to your school district. Educators from across the country have already utilized these resources.


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