Moderator Producer Checklist

 Moderator/Producer Checklist:  DOWNLOAD HERE

Moderator Producer
In the Green Room:
Download or print the Speakers bio (if there is
no bio, remind the speaker that they need to
introduce themselves.
Ask the Speaker how they want to do Q&A at
the end.
Ask the Speaker if they have any other files
that need to be added to the platform and
add them.
Ask the Speakers if they have polls and
explain how to shared results.
Make sure the Producer is the host and all
other participants are cohosts.
Report any missing participants to the
Program Coordinator Team.
Be sure all participants rename themselves.
Assign the Captionist.
Check the audio and video of the Speaker and
In the Zoom chat, click … Choose the option
where Participants can chat with – No One.
Download the entry video, and any other
videos from Google Docs.
Remind the Speaker to have their PowerPoint
showing and ready to be shared.
Verify that the Speaker and Moderator have
their cameras and mics on. The Producer and
Captionist have their cameras and mics off.
Tap Start Webinar/Meeting to begin the
Hit Record and choose Record to Cloud.
Cue the intro video by having it on full screen
and shared. Be sure to select Share Sound.
Start the intro video and once it is over, stop
During the Presentation:
Introduce the session.
Remind the participants to use the Pathable
chat box.
Turn camera and microphone off.
Respond to questions in the chat box or
gather questions for the Q&A.
Once the presentation is over, turn the
camera back on. Do the Q&A as the Speaker
Keep an eye on the clock and prompt for
closing when it is time.
Close the session.
Spotlight speaker Unless the session has two
Keep an eye on the chat box looking for any
technical issues and address them.
Mute microphones if the background noise
becomes too much.
Share any polls results if used.
Launch Breakout rooms if needed. Breakouts
can only be accommodated in Meeting


Stephanie Garde is Operations Manager for the Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc. Before, being hired in 2018, she volunteered with ATN for 8 years working with support groups, membership, and administrative tasks. Stephanie also volunteers with local post-adoption support organizations in Massachusetts, frequently serving as a speaker or mentor to parent groups. A former disability law attorney, Stephanie left practicing law to pour her energies into attachment-focused, trauma-informed therapeutic parenting of her older son who was adopted through foster care. She holds a JD from Vermont Law School and a BA in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island.