Educating Traumatized Children Summit – 2017 – Sign Up Today!

Educating Traumatized Children Summit – 2017 – Sign Up Today!

Join us May 1-5 for 18 audio interviews with experts in the Trauma-Informed Schools Movement.

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Speakers include:

  • Dr. Ross Greene, creator of Collaborative & Proactive Solutions; author of Lost in School and The Explosive Child
  • Dr. Robert Hull, Trauma-informed School psychologist & educator
  • Heather Forbes, LCSW, founder of Beyond Consequences and The Trauma-Informed School
  • Dr. Susan Craig, author and career educator on teaching traumatized children
  • Dr. Mona Johnson of WA State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Melissa Sadin, MAT, M.Ed., Director of ATN’s Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Program
  • Cheri Reaves, MA.Ed., Director of Points of Access, LLC

Topics include:

  • Re-thinking Children’s Behavior…the Seismic Shift
  • From the Top Down:  Planting Seeds to Grow Trauma-Sensitive Schools
  • The Heart of Early Learning
  • Teachers: Self-Care isn’t Selfish
  • The Compton Case’s Impact on How Trauma is Addressed in Schools
  • Trauma-Informed IEPs
  • Building a Neighborhood Sanctuary through a Trauma-Informed Local School

Download this Flyer to Share with Your School and others: ed summit info sheet

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Julie has been ATN's Executive Director since 2009. She joined the organization in 2004 after finding incredible support from fellow ATNers when she was searching for answers about her own daughter's early childhood trauma and attachment disorders. Julie leads a staff of passionate professionals and acts as spokesperson for the organization. Prior to ATN, Julie was the president of a marketing and communications consultancy, The Epiphany Group, and has over two decades of experience in professional services marketing, strategic planning and communication strategies. As a graduate of Partners in Policymaking and through personal experience, Julie has garnered a great deal of experience in the areas of special education, school issues, and disabilities advocacy. A published author, Julie wrote a chapter in the EMK Press Adoption Parenting book and was the special needs blogger at for two years. She frequently presents workshops on attachment and trauma to local and national groups. Email Julie. Julie holds an MBA from Avila College in Kansas City and was a Certified Professional Services Marketer. Julie, and her husband Dave, are parents to four (bio, step and adoptive), including their youngest daughter, adopted from China. This daughter’s attachment difficulties and developmental trauma disorder have changed their lives significantly…in amazing ways.