Coming Soon to the ATN Blog…

So last week I got all clever talking about “Trauma Tuesday,” only to have this Tuesday be, well, traumatic! Have no fear, though. The blog will be back this weekend with a new post from ATN‘s very own Julie Beem, writing about scar tissue and what our brains believe.

Two weeks ago, we introduced a new blogger, Sandi Lerman, and in the weeks to come, you’ll meet some more. Could one of them be you? Think about it.

Then again, maybe you have. Maybe you want to share your story, but blogging just isn’t for you. If this sounds like you and you’d like to do a Q & A with me, then have me write up your story for the blog, we can do that too.

Either way, interested readers should contact your friendly ATN blog manager, Laura Dennis, and we’ll go from there.

Have a great rest of the week!

I am a solo mother of three, all adopted as older children from India, all of whom have been affected by early childhood trauma, particularly my youngest, who was diagnosed at age six with RAD, ADHD, and ODD. We had struggled along as best we could for more than two years before that, whereupon I started learning all I could about trauma and attachment. It has changed our lives for the better. Not only has it set my son on a path that could –maybe– lead to eventual healing, it taught me the type of help my eldest would need as she dealt with her own past en route to young adulthood. Perhaps best of all, it led me to ATN, who not only helped our family, but also gave me the chance to pay it forward by helping families like ours find the support they need. In my “real” job, I am a World Languages professor and department chair at a private liberal arts college in the Appalachian mountains. I have found a way to merge my passions by researching the depiction of intercountry adoption in world literature and film and guest-lecturing for education classes about diversity, inclusion, and trauma-informed instruction. In what passes for my free time, I enjoy long walks, reading, writing, playing piano, and caring for our dog and cats.