Do You Believe?

Do You Believe?

by: Gari Lister

ATNHave you read the Attachment & Trauma Network‘s belief statement?  I hadn’t until I went to the board retreat in January, and since then it has inspired me on a daily basis.  It reminds me why ATN is important — why we need to fight for traumatized children and their families — and why all of ATN’s programs, including the ground-breaking Education Summit, the advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and in state capitals across the country, and the National Attachment Trauma Awareness Day (just to name a few), can and WILL change the world for our children.

Please read it, and if you believe too, JOIN us.  Together we can help traumatized children heal.

We Believe…

We believe that traumatized children and those with attachment disorders can heal

We believe that parents, who are supported and taught therapeutic parenting, are the best healing agents of their traumatized child. 

We believe that traumatized children need trauma-informed, attachment-focused therapies

We believe that providing resources to the families from the start (once a traumatized child has been identified) is the best way to minimize crises and reduce disruptions and potential “rehoming”. 

We believe that ongoing parent-to-parent support is critical in arming the families with the strategies, tools and strength to persevere daily. 

We believe that “touching trauma at its heart” is more than a slogan, it’s a healing mission.

We believe in ATN.