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Trauma-Sensitive Learning Goes Online

by Dr. Ryan T. Woods for Respectful Ways
When learning went online

When the threat of COVID-19 arrived, schools responded quickly. Administrators hustled, principals made announcements, and teachers developed lesson plans. In a matter of days, students were learning from home.

As any instructor knows, academic content represents just one facet of education.

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What to Say to Someone Depressed or Suicidal

According to the CDC, at least 3 in 20 students in a typical high school classroom have seriously considered taking their lives in the past year. With teen depression and suicidal ideation on the rise in these digital times, we’re likely to see these numbers increase.

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ATN + Respectful Ways Trauma-Informing their SEL Program

Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning Program.

The Attachment & Trauma Network has partnered with Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program. Trained ATN staff members updated and approved all 350 written lesson plans and digital materials to be trauma-informed! Respectful Ways also offers student digital modules for kids to use at home or school.

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