Ken Huey

ATN Angel: Dr. Ken Huey

Ken HueyIn celebration of ATN’s 2016 Angels in Adoption award, we’re profiling ATN members who have helped ATN win the award — and who have themselves been Angels to families and children.

by:  Sandy Davis

I am nominating Dr. Ken Huey as an ATN Angel for so many reasons.  I first met Ken years ago through his work on the Board of ATN and the residential facility he co-founded, Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks (CALO).   Ken’s commitment and passion to educating others on the complex issues faced by teens who have experienced trauma is obvious.  As an adoptive parent and adoption advocate, I was always excited to see Ken’s name on the list of presenters at various conferences.  I knew without a doubt that Ken would share the current state of affairs on the topic of trauma, he would share the truth of what trauma in teens looks like,  strategies that work and don’t work and lastly, and more importantly, he would give HOPE to families and professionals who care about these kids.  

Thank you, Ken, for all you do!


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